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The Oakleaf

The Oakleaf

The newsletter of Fair Oaks Church



In our lives, we tend to compartmentalize things. Christians, both young and old, often put Christianity in a box for a specific day and time  - taking it out when the time is right. Our faith isn’t a job where you work at it for a few hours a day; it is who we are. It needs to affect our relationships in the church, at our work, and in our families. It needs to be flowing through us! Adults and kids alike need to start being Jesus followers 24/7. Join us on Palm Sunday as we kick off this new message series.


Curious about the songs we sing during Sunday service, or trying to remember the lyrics to that one song? Hop on over to Spotify to enjoy a playlist that our Worship Pastor has put together for your listening pleasure.

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Parents, you can now check your kids in on Sunday mornings before you're even on campus! Through the magic of your smartphone, your child's printed name tag will be waiting for you when you arrive, ensuring a smoother and quicker check-in process for all. Click here for instructions.

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Fair Oaks is proud to once again partner with Convoy of Hope, an annual outreach event that brings dozens of churches together to provide free resources to the local community. The event happens in our own backyard, and we need your help distributing flyers on Saturday, March 24th. If this is something you can help with, or you want to learn more about the April 28th outreach event, please contact Brock Galvin or click here.

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In the Spirit of the Lord Jesus, we encourage believers to follow Jesus’ example by being baptized in this way as an outward expression of the new life they have in Christ. Our next Baptism Class will be Sunday, April 8th, at 5:00 PM. To register for the class, or to learn more about baptisms, please visit or call the office at (925) 687-4810.

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Dear Fair Oaks Family,

God is leading us and leading people to Fair Oaks where many are experiencing life change. From those discovering Jesus for the first time to a rekindled passion for His word, His Spirit is touching hearts.Our Lord wants us to trust Him and let Him guide every part of our lives.

God is now leading us to a new phase in our Children’s Ministry department. In the coming months Laura Olson will be stepping down as Interim Children’s Director and we will be preparing for her replacement. This new phase begins with a transition starting Sunday, April 8th when grades 1-5 will be in the service with their parents.  We will not be having Sunday school for grades 1-5 from April 8th through April 29th.

This transition month is an opportunity for our volunteers to recharge their batteries. They have been so faithful in their service to our elementary children; we believe it is time to honor them with a sabbatical. During the month of April we will be having a family-focused time with the upcoming series “Unboxing The Christian Relationship.” The series will begin on Palm Sunday and will run through the end of April. Starting on April 8th the messages will be more family-friendly and focus our kids and ourselves on how to experience God in our relationships, both inside and outside of our families.

In our lives, we tend to compartmentalize things. We as Christians, young and old, tend to box Christianity in for a specific day and time taking it out when the time is right. Our faith isn’t a job where you work at it for a few hours a day it is who we are. It needs to affect our relationships in the church, at our work and in our families. It needs to be flowing through us. Adults and kids alike need to start being Jesus followers 24/7.

Below are the messages that will be shared in the series,  

Unboxing the Christian Relationship.

March 25th Palm Sunday

“Jesus Follower” Each of us is a Jesus follower. Some have been following Jesus for a while and some have just started. What does it mean for us to follow Jesus?

March 30th Good Friday

“My Need For Him” This will be a communion service from 7-8 p.m.

April 1st Easter Sunday

“Taking Advantage Of Grace” God extends grace to all. We need not be afraid to take advantage of the wonders He offers.

April 8th

“Being A 24/7 Church Member” We are all part of the body of Christ at Fair Oaks; kids too. We all need to take part as God directs. We will have a family time of communion on this Sunday. It will be a time of instruction and family interaction.

April 15th

“Serving At Our Best” We need to be the best we can be when we serve others. Christian living is about pleasing God whether at school, home, work or during retirement. Our actions are for His glory.

April  22nd

“Knowing Right And Wrong Saves From Eternal Loss.” God wants us to be victorious but we are tasked to follow His instructions. We need to make sure we are doing what matters for eternity because we can experience loss if we do the wrong things.

April 29th

“God Wants You To Impact Your Family For Him.” He wants us to express His love for those closest with us. This builds character and it points people to Christ.

This will be an exciting time for our church family and for your family but we must be open God’s leading. Please pray with me during this time of transition and next phase in our Children’s Ministry. Pray for the future of Fair Oaks Church and the future our Children’s Ministry.

In His Service,

Tom Olson


By: Interim Children's Director Laura Olson

I hope your year is off to a great start! 

As I'm sure most of you are aware, the church will be going through a study called 40 Days in the Word. Throughout the month of February and into the first part of March, we will be taking a break from our current curriculum and participating in the 40 Days in the Word study. The kids will have their own 40 Days curriculum so that they can learn the same things as the rest of the church but on their specific level. We are so excited for this opportunity for literally everyone at Fair Oaks to be able to focus on the same Biblical truths each week. This will last for 7 weeks and then we will continue with our current curriculum. Please use this as an opportunity to discuss with your kids not only what they are learning but what you are learning as well. We rarely get these opportunities where we are all on the same page and learning things together. 

We love the families of Fair Oaks and are blessed to be a part of your lives each Sunday. Please know that you are prayed for. If there is ever any specific prayer needs, we would love to hear them. 

Colossians 1:9

"For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives."

As we begin this study of God's Word, that is my prayer for all of you and your families; that we may be filled with His knowledge, wisdom and understanding. 

Reading plans for the month:

2 yr old through Kindergarten: The First Sin

Konnect:  Wise Guys


  • Please note that we will continue to have the kids of all ages in their classes for the entire hour on Sunday mornings. There are no current plans to have them in the service for the music but if something changes, I will be sure to communicate that through email.

    Also, just a reminder that the 6th graders have moved up to the youth group and are now in the service on Sunday mornings. There is no longer a class provided for them in the elementary age group. If you would like more information regarding youth group, please contact Zech Carr at

I pray that 2018 would be a year of blessing for each of your families.


By: Student Ministry Director Zech Carr

Hey FOC Parents!

40 Days in the Word campaign concludess with week 6 at The Arbor tonight. Your students should bring their workbooks. It is all of our hopes that everyone who has engaged in this study and challenge has taken something that will go beyond these 6 weeks so lets finish strong!

Remember new people and the friend who brought them get to take part in our $5 Challenge!

Let’s get down to some business!

For all students 6-12th who will be sticking around town during Spring Break week our Arbor leaders have prepared an amazing event we are calling the 444 Arbor Overnighter!

Meeting at the church at 4pm on April 4th the students and leaders will take a trip out to Limitless Escape Games and if they ever escape they will come back to the church to pig out on pizza, watch a movie, and play great night games. Cost will be $35 to cover the entire night. Sign up by email RSVP, or talk to me!

Mount Hermon is upon us! Summer camp can be a life changing experience for any student regardless of age or exposure to the Christian worldview. It was my pleasure to take a group of students up to Mount Hermon last year and see just how beneficial a week away from phones, friends, and yes even families can be! This year we are going up Week 3, 7/1-7 and the cost is $655. Registration is going to be rather urgent however because the camp has gotten much more impacted and this year I can not reserve spots. If your 9-12th grade student wants to go to camp immediate action will be necessary. That being said, registration will be done directly through the website this year:;upcoming:1; and you only need to scroll down to “Ponderosa Lodge Week 3 High School” and click on the “Register” option.

Financial help is available! Ponderosa offers camperships, Fair Oaks offers scholarships, and we will be participating in various fundraising all the way up to July. Do not let the financial burden get in the way of this opportunity for your students and sign up quickly! (Please contact me with questions and let me know when your student is signed up 😊)

One of the challenges from our 40 Days in the Word was to find a way to apply the things we learned and The Arbor is taking that challenge seriously by taking part as a youth group in the upcoming Convoy of Hope! This will include participation in both the 2 flyer distribution dates: 3/24 & 4/21, as well as the event date 4/28. Convoy of Hope is an annual event that Fair Oaks has participated in and has been both blessed and a blessing in many ways. Brock Galvin will be coming in next Wednesday to encourage the troops and I am excited for our involvement.

 A few things to know…

- Mexico Mission Trip Apr. 2-7th

- 444 Arbor Overnighter 4/4 $35

- Convoy of Hope, 3/24, 4/21, 4/28

- Mount Hermon, 7/1-7 $655

- Ladies Love Game Champ Event, TBD

Zech Carr  at

Women's Ministry Oakleaf Banner.png

By: Women's Ministry Director Joy Rosenberg

The sound of grace..... what does it sound like to you?  The women who attended the recent Converge PacWest Conference pondered that thought as they were invited to “Follow : A Life Where Jesus Leads” by our great speaker, Andrea Coli.  Over 400 women experienced a weekend of worshipful music by the all-women band All 4 Grace, inspiring testimonies, a mission message on what God is doing in SouthEast Asia by our very own Lisa G., and thought-provoking seminars by women teachers (including 3 of our own women from Fair Oaks!) Sound intriguing? Exciting? Renewing? Life changing? The annual conference is all that and more. Make sure you don't miss next year! Save the date – February 1-3rd 2019.  Plan NOW to join Fair Oaks women as they trek down to the beautiful Monterey peninsula. 

You are always welcomed to join our women's life group us at 9:30am on Sunday mornings.  We gather in room 124.   If you have any questions, please contact Joy Rosenberg at

Men's Community, Oakleaf.png

By: Men's Ministry Director Eric Vale


Fair Oaks represented well at the Men's Golf Tournament taking 1st and 2nd place.  

Congrats to Eric and Doug.

Men's Ministry attended the Men's Retreat at Mt. Hermon.  It was a great time of fellowship and spiritual growth for all who attended.

Senior Adult Fellowship (Oakleaf Banner).png

Welcome to spring, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter Celebration

March will be here arriving like a lamb and we are praying that it will leave like a lion with rain, Rain, RAIN!  However, SAF will start the month with Dr. David Jeremiah and the “Is This the End?” series.  This week he will discuss the “The Isolation of Israel” based on Genesis 12:1-3, a topic which is so appropriate for current times.

 Seniors enjoyed the banjo music of Jack Convery during their St Patrick's Day celebration.

Seniors enjoyed the banjo music of Jack Convery during their St Patrick's Day celebration.


 Our last meeting, March 22nd, will focus on preparing for Passion week by making Easter baskets and cards. The program will feature a special DVD and potato dogs – a Texas treat.

Every week in addition to the above, we have inspiring bible study, art lessons, and exercise.  Senior Adult Fellowship is a warm and fun place to be.  Join us and bring a friend to enjoy assorted activities, entertaining programs, great food and most of all, caring fellowship.

SAF will not meet on March 29 in honor of the Passion Week activities.


By: Global Outreach Chairperson John Pickrell

Do you know the missionaries Fair Oaks Church supports?  I would like to highlite one of them for you: Joel and Barbara Wright.  The Wright’s served in Brazil for over 20 years and they have 3 grown children. They now serve at Converge headquarters in Chicago in the area of Worldwide International Ministries.  Joel is the main liaison with Brazilian churches in the U.S., works with a network of Chinese Christian Churches and does outreach to India and Bangladesh.  We, Wilma and I, had the privilege of having Joel stay with us one night this month as he finished giving theological training to a Chinese church in the south bay before he continued to Vancouver, B.C. to assist in the formation of Brazilian seminary.  While he was with us, he explained how he is able, using Facebook, to send a daily devotion and video music clips to people in India and Bangladesh.  It was exciting to hear how he does this from his office in Chicago and reaches half-way around the world to nonbelievers and is then able to correspond with them.

Just a reminder to pray for our student ministries team who is partnering  going with “The Bridge Church” to build a house in  Mexico from April 2 thru 7.

Also, John Henry is still looking for team members to go with him to L’Arcada Spain as part of a work team at the L’Arcada camp starting on May 25th.  For more information, call John Henry 672-4993 or myself at 798-4021.



The church office is operating on Monday & Wednesday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  You can always email us at or leave a phone message at 925 687-4810 and we will get back to you during office hours.