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Your Life Support System


Your Life Support System

Jason Leong

Speaker: Lead Pastor Tom Olson

Series: My Amazing Life

Maybe you know from your own experience how much easier and enjoyable life is when you don't do it alone. Maybe it's that friend you can call to celebrate good news, or family member who hold you during tough times, or colleagues who help lighten the load at work. Listen to Pastor Tom as he discusses why we're wired for community, and what the surprising individual benefits to such a life can be.

Study Questions:

Jesus: "Whenever two or three gather together in my name, I will be right there with them."

Matthew 18:20 (LB)

As we prepare for 50 Days of Transformation, it is vital to belong to a small group for this study. Small groups are the life of Fair Oaks Church. In them we study God's Word together, practice learning how to love, eat together, pray for one another, and encourage and help each other. The way we get the most from our small group time is to  1) make the group a priority, 2) share my thoughts with humility, 3) respect others' ideas with courtesy, 4) share my faults with honesty, 5) share others' problems with sympathy, 6) encourage each other with accountability. Begin by reading Acts 2:42-47 to understand what a small group does.

  1. Studying the Bible together in a small group allows for a diversity of perception and understanding of the Bible. Take the time to share with your group members what you appreciate about the insights and value they have brought to the group as you have studied together.
  2. The number one purpose of your life is to learn how to love: God, yourself and your neighbors. Make a list of some of the attributes of God's perfect love. If love is not a feeling but a commitment, what changes can you make today in your schedule, relationships or attitudes to more fully practice God's love.
  3. How does believing God really loves you change the way you view yourself? Think of the thing about yourself you've always wanted to change. How might God use that very trait to bring glory to him?
  4. Authenticity. Why do you think it is important to "just be real" in your small group?
  5. What is the difference between admitting your faults to God and admitting them to each other? How do you think admitting your faults within your small group can help to heal them?

Diving Deeper (Optional)

     6. Your small group will teach you many things. One is to how to treat people                gently, respecting their ideas with courtesy. How can you encourage those in          your group by celebrating how far they have come and not how far they have          to go?                                                                                                                              7. It is important to come every week so that you don't get just "half-                              transformed," but also so that you are an integral part of the fabric of the                  group. In Job 6:14 (GNB) it says, "In trouble like this I need loyal friends -                 whether I've forsaken God or not." Discuss together how being accountable to         one another can provide valuable strength and support as you do life                       together.