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Missionary Spotlight


Missionary Spotlight: DON AND CYD STORRS


A Common Question: “What do Don and Cyd do for WorldVenture?”

We both where many hats, but primarily I connect with supporting schools and churches of WorldVenture.  I speak with church leadership, college students, and many others about opportunities where they can make a difference. Regionally, I primarily get to California and Arizona, yet, when possible, I also visit churches in the Midwest as I grew up in this region.

Cyd is a teacher here in Colorado Springs (High School English) but she also serves with the WorldVenture Orientation program for new appointees.  She speaks with parents regarding children’s educational options as well as some of the challenges of being an MK (Missionary Kid).

WorldVenture has over 500+ missionaries serving around the world primarily in long-term opportunities.  We serve in 60+ countries around the world.  WorldVenture focuses on long-term service (3+ years), yet we offer short-term opportunities where inquirers can investigate various opportunities. The good news is that often our short-term volunteers move on to longer commitments. This makes a BIG difference!

Bottom line – We enjoy connecting with people of all ages to consider serving Christ locally and beyond.  We sincerely THANK YOU, the Fair Oaks family, for standing with us, praying for us, and for encouraging us these nearly 40 years!