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Tom Olson, Lead Pastor

Tom’s vision for a church that is so full of life, openness, and passion brought him to Fair Oaks in 2015. By making God’s Word tangible, understandable, and applicable, he desires for people to move in a deeper relationship with Jesus. Tom has been a Pastor for over 20 years, and 19 of those years have been with his wife, Laura. They have two great kids and a Sheepadoodle that loves everyone. The Olsons have a deep love for The Lord and His people, and their zeal for life is evident in all their adventures.


Zech Carr, Student Ministry Director

(925) 687-4810 ext. 308

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Shawn Davis, Facilities Manager

(925) 687-4810 ext. 304


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Johnnye Ellison, Senior Adult Fellowship Director

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Brock Galvin, Outreach Coordinator



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Philip Godley, Worship Pastor

(925) 687-4810 ext. 309



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Jason Leong, Technical Booth Coordinator


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Susan Mead, Bookkeeper

(925) 687-4810 ext. 303





John Pickrell, Global Outreach Team

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Lois Piniol, Head of Welcome Ministry

20170824_0638 JP.JPG

Jaclyn Pyatt, Small Groups



Joy Rosenberg, Women's Ministry Director



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Eric Vale, Men's Ministry Director


Daryn Rollins, Administrative Assistant

(925) 687-4810 x300