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Men's Community Breakfast | February 2019

Cali Godley

Around 80 people turned out to hear from Joel Matthews, Jim Maddox, and John Henry at the Community Breakfast sponsored by the Men’s Community on February 2nd. GREAT turnout! All were challenged, educated, and encouraged by what these 3 men, who are each battling cancer, had to share about what God has taught them during this battle. Each had a different perspective; each has a different cancer; but each man has a common faith in Jesus Christ, and that showed throughout.

John shared the difficulties of (temporarily) losing the capability to do what he used to do easily, and the need to now focus on what he can still do. He also shared what is helpful (or not helpful) when you are talking to someone going through a life-threatening illness.

Jim shared that initially it was very difficult to give things up, such as work; but now, he realizes that it’s a blessing because he has more time to share with loved ones. (He also mentioned that he and Rhonda love to have visitors, so feel free to drop by!)

Joel started with an article by a non-Christian psychologist, about how that person thinks about death, and why don’t we talk about it? Joel went on to speak of the (natural) fear of death those without Christ have, while those who are in Christ can look forward to death as a time to be directly with Jesus. We do not need to fear death.

What was also impressive is the relative good health each man has been able to enjoy, which can be attributed to the power of prayer as well as great medical care. But, as one person pointed out after the breakfast, each man is currently not “cured,” each is still in the fight. So, keep praying!

We also had a time of hearing from a caregiver, Larry Gustafson, and got the perspective of the spouse of one fighting a terminal illness. It was quite touching. Larry reminded us that it’s really hard for the caregivers, too. Pray for them!