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Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer Opportunities

Have you ever been in the presence of a remarkable speaker, athlete, or leader? It is obvious that he or she is doing exactly what they were meant to be doing, using the gifts they were given. Think about how such people impact you, and then consider the kind of impact you might have on others if you put your gifts to use. Imagine what the church would look like – what it could accomplish – if we each used our gifts in service to each other. Listed below are snapshots of various ministry opportunities available at Fair Oaks Church. We ask you to pray and reflect on what gifts God has given you, how you may use those gifts to serve your church and, more importantly, how those gifts can bring glory to God.

If you’re interested in discovering more about your spiritual gifts, check out this Spiritual Gifts Survey. 


For service opportunities in Administration, contact The Church Office at


For service opportunities in Children's Ministrycontact Laura Olson at


For service opportunities in Facilitiescontact Shawn Davis at


For service opportunities with the Global Outreach Team, contact John Pickrell at


For service opportunities in Hospitality, contact Annalisa Lung at


For service opportunities in our Life Group Ministry, contact Darnell Leong at


For service opportunities in our Men's Ministry, contact Eric Vale at


For service opportunities with our Programming Team, contact Jaclyn Pyatt at


For service opportunities with our Senior Ministry, contact Kathleen Rago at


For service opportunities in our Student Ministry, contact Zech Carr at


For service opportunities in our Women's Ministry, contact Joy Rosenberg at